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Laia Acero

Laia Acero Casas

I am a guide specialising in mid-mountain trips, an interpretative guide of the Natural Park, a teacher with a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences… but above all I am in love with adventure, with the Pirineu, with travelling and with sharing my passions with the people around me.

I have dedicated a large part of my life to the mountains, and I constantly push myself to observe, understand and learn from my environment.

I’d like to show you the nooks and crannies that I love, and reveal to you the secrets of the peaks and the valleys.
+00 34 606 15 94 80

Montse Bacardit

Montse Bacardit Peñarroya

I was born in Sant Fruitós de Bages, and have a degree in Biology. In 2004, my PhD in mountain lakes brought me to the Pirineu, and I have lived here ever since. I fell in love with its mountains, valleys, water, rocks, snow and wildlife. I settled in the Val d’Aran, a small, singular, Atlantic valley of Occitan culture and language. In winter, I work on the prevention and prediction of avalanches for the safety of the mountaineers and road-users of the Val d’Aran. In summer, I swap my skis for backpacking gear.

It is a personal pleasure to guide visitors and aid them in their exploration of our beloved territory, and to teach them about our diverse and exceptional legacy, both natural and cultural. As a curiosity, I enjoy the circ de Baciver i Estanhs del Rosari, accessible through the Val d’Aran, which is the only part of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park that is situated on the Atlantic side.

Come, and discover it with me!
+00 34 699 73 90 76

Montse Ballbè

Montse Ballbè Herrero

I live and breathe nature, both at night and in the day. I love seeing people smile as I guide them and I feel something change within them.

In winter, I enjoy snowshoeing, in autumn I listen for the call of the deer, in spring I watch the flowers change, and in summer I love the lakes.

My specialities are astronomy, guided trips through nature and family activities.
+00 34 619 93 82 67

Noemi Busquets

Noemi Busquets

Based on my theatrical and buffoonish character from the Esperanceta de casa Gassia, nowadays the Ecomuseum of Les Valls d’Àneu (Àneu valleys), I invigorate areas of cultural interest such as the depopulated Santa Creu de Llagunes, some of the trails of the Museum of the Vall de Siarb trails, the Ecomuseum of Les Valls d’Àneu, the castle of Valencia d’Àneu … as well as to participating in fairs and markets in the territory.

My work tools are humor, culture and ethnography as well as a truly top-notch landscape. Transmitting the cultural and natural legacy of the territory and adding laughter makes the PNAP experience a unique and unrepeatable experience.
645 03 63 82

Miquel Angel Canal Servent

Miquel Angel Canal Servent

I was born in the Pyrenees, I love nature and adventure activities I’m mountain guide and ski instructor, with a long experience both professionally and personally. Always ready to show you the best of the Pyrenees. Let yourself be guided in a safe, enriching and joyful way, always with respect and awareness, to our environment. I can guide you in four languages.
680 23 94 23

Cesc Capdevila

Cesc Capdevila i Torrell

Ever since I was very young I have been passionate about nature, and especially about birds, thanks to whom I have flown all over the world!

Currently, I work as an interpretative mountain guide, organising hikes and guided trips in the Alt Pirineu.
+00 34 627 70 62 47

Iara Carreto Tejedo

Iara Carreto Tejedo

Native girl who has grown up surrounded by the mountains and its nature. I would like that our users could experience the same feeling for the territory the same way as we value it.

I am too curious, and my main interests are wildlife, flora and the development of geology, among other themes

My job training: Knowledgeable person of Natural Park from the Upper Pyrenees, as in forest management & natural environmental, also in tourist guide, support, and information. Certified astronomy beginner, and currently, on a competitive examination for forest officer. Always interested in new learnings.
+00 34 608 16 38 23

Ivan Catena

Ivan Catena Rodriguez

I organise activities with different themes to highlight the cultural and natural legacies of the Cardós valley and the Ferrera valley.

I offer activities with focuses on Romanic art, the traditional uses of plants, the Brown Bear, the evolution of our landscapes, history and wildlife.
+00 34 645 56 19 22

Albert Cereza

Albert Cereza Castells

I am an environmentalist, and a lover of nature and the Pirineu since I can remember. I specialise in mountain wildlife and ecosystems. I have made of my passions, my life’s work.
+00 34 627 75 32 05

Marta Gómez

Marta Gómez Nuño

I am an environmentalist, environmental educator and naturalist. My speciality is the interpretation of landscape and fauna. I am passionate about butterflies and nature’s smallest details.
+00 34 680 90 32 65

Oriol Grau

Oriol Grau

I have a PhD in Biology and I am an investigator of land ecology. I focus on the impact of climate change and global change on the ecosystems of the Pirineu.

I enjoy sharing the enormous cultural and natural legacy of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park and its surroundings.

As an interpretative guide for the Park, I offer guided trips and landscape interpretation for the general public, as well as more specialised trips, and can offer them in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Aranese.
+00 34 667 91 53 54

Elisabeth Martínez i Escala

Elisabeth Martínez i Escala

All while studying, travelling and working, my nomadic spirit has always longed for the mountains and had a special commitment to nature.

I am an agricultural engineer, an environmentalist and a qualified technician in social responsibility, circular economy and sustainability. I have a vocational commitment to the natural, cultural and social legacy that surrounds me, and I am interested in the revitalisation of rural and mountain areas.

For the past 6 years I have lived between the Ars valley and the Castellbó valley of the PNAP. I was a forest ranger at the Ras de Conques refuge for five years, and during that time I guided trips around the Santa Magdalena valley. I spent one year as a guide at the information point at Sant Joan de l’Erm.
+00 34 699 28 29 32

Miquel Prat

Miquel Prat Sagalés

I am lucky enough to have lived in the forests of Sant Joan de l’Erm for over twenty years. I know its landscapes intimately, its nooks and crannies, its people, its fir trees, its streams and rivers, its flora and fauna, and the stories behind each one.

I love to wander in the Park in winter, crisp and snowed, and in summer, sometimes dry and hot, as well as in spring, exulting and fresh, and in autumn, with its shortening days.

I was born in Terrassa and dropped out of a degree in Economics to dedicate myself entirely to cross-country skiing and the Pirineu.
+00 34 677 48 36 28

Cristina Simó Espinosa

Cristina Simó Espinosa

I will accompany you on a path of discovery, exploring the histories of churches, landscapes, castles, shacks and trails… with a wide contextualisation and the perspective of gender. If we are lucky we will glimpse, for a moment, the life of the Park!
+00 34 644 65 13 57

Francesc Rodríguez

Francesc Rodríguez i Ambel

The mountains and nature are two passions that have become my life’s work. As a naturalist and environmental educator, I am eager to explore our territory: the aesthetic and the ecstatic, richness and beauty, our great biodiversity.

My specialities are the interpretation of landscape, butterflies and guided mountain hikes.
+00 34 695 94 25 24

Jordi Torner

Jordi Torner Busqué

In love with Pallars Sobirà in all its dimensions, human, historical, cultural and natural, last years I have dedicated myself to getting to know it better, understanding it better and explaining its particularities, from the smallest things to the biggest, about today and about the past, finding in the combination of all its dimensions the essence of its authenticity for to offer routes and guided tours adapted to the different seasons of the year and for all audiences, from the bottom of the valleys to the highest peaks, from the smallest town to the largest and crossing the borders to the neighboring countries, Andorra and France, through the Pyrenees three nations Park, so that everyone has the opportunity to discover, to know, to savor and to enjoy it.
+00 34 608 80 62 51